The Plexus Mission

To provide proactive business development for the LGBT business community and allies.

Plexus is an affiliate of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce



Plexus History

Plexus was founded to promote networking and business development within Northeast Ohio's LGBT business community and its allies.

Co-founder, Eric Lutzo, was involved in the launch of both Network Metro Cleveland (2003) and Cleveland Professional Network (2001). After the United States Presidential Election in November 2004, Eric realized that more was needed than just networking. If our region was going to capitalize on the talents of the LGBT business community, the group needed a voice and a way to connect.

In 2005 Eric began attending national conferences to learn more about business organizations. That same year, Dave Ream, a member of Network Metro Cleveland and the NGLCC worked to co-found Plexus as the LGBTA Chamber of Commerce for Northeast Ohio. Throughout 2006 Eric and Dave worked on the mission, strategy and board development, and researched best practices from around the country.

As a result of their work, Plexus incorporated as a 501(c)(6) trade organization in May of 2006 and made its debut at Pride in June of that year. As a nonprofit organization, Plexus serves the LGBTA business community and advocates workplace equality issues in Northeast Ohio. Plexus is a strategic partner in the economic development of Northeast Ohio and serves as a point of connection for corporations, supporters, LGBT businesses and professionals.

Plexus Name

As the Chamber of Commerce for the LGBT community and its allies, Plexus is a network with one facet of our mission to help LGBT businesses in this network improve, develop, and grow. The larger allied business community is also a network. Connecting, or interlacing, these two networks is the other facet of Plexus' mission.

The Chamber's logo graphically represents Plexus as the point of connection and interaction for these communities.