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Education Programs & Business Services

Plexus provides workshops and consulting services to expand business development and provide inclusive workplaces throughout the region. Regardless of the size of your business, group or organization, Plexus can work with you to develop a program or consultation to best fit your needs. Many services can be offered free to members of Plexus or at a discounted rate.

Contact us to discuss opportunities for training or consultation.

Services Offered

Advancing Business for LGBT Owners

Training LGBT business owners on the impact minority status gives their organization. Expanded consultation for LGBT business owners on the process for LGBT certification and the resources available to learn about business development.

LGBT Cultural Competency Business Development

Training programs designed for employees, managers, allies or specific organizational groups to develop foundational knowledge of the LGBT community and the business case for inclusion in the workplace. Attendees will develop skills to deal with real world business situations as well as knowledge of the LGBT buying market.

Non Discrimination Policy & Practice Audit

Consultation on organizational policies and practices for non-discrimination, harassment and LGBT inclusive benefits. Guidance on how to use refined policies to improve market position, recruiting and diversity practices.

Supply Chain Navigation

Training and consultation on resources, processes and guidance for LGBT business owners to build competency in understanding economic equality and the how-to of capability statements and corporate supply chains.

Employee Resource Group Development

Consulting and training on best practices for LGBT Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at corporations centered around development, ongoing programming and increased member participation.