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2019 Annual Meeting

Join us in a unique and interactive format for our Annual Meeting at the newly renovated, historic Agora Theatre. Attend to share your ideas on important topics to you in the community. This meeting is open to the public.

Thursday, March 7 5:30pm | Registration and more information

LGBTQ Equality Is Good for Business

Ohio Business Competes

Plexus stands proudly with over 550 businesses and organizations statewide that have signed on to Ohio Business Competes (OBC) telling lawmakers that LGBTQ equality is good for the state's brand and economy. OBC, a nonpartisan coalition, is committed to achieving nondiscrimination policies for LGBTQ Ohioans. Join the growing number of Plexus members working to make Ohio more competitive.

OBC sign on information | Ohio Fairness Act HB 160

Plexus and other LGBTQ advocates testified at Cuyahoga County Council meeting.

Cuyahoga County Expands Protections

While it is still legal in Ohio to fire someone, or deny them housing or access to public accommodations based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, Cuyahoga County voted to expand nondiscrimination protections. Plexus leaders and members provided testimony in support of the ordinance in hearings leading up to the vote. The passage underscores the need for our county to be a leader in helping our region thrive.

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Diversity & Inclusion Organization Assessment

The Diversity & Inclusion Organization Assessment is available for free to all Greater Cleveland Partnership members. After completing the assessment, organizations receive immediate feedback on their response along with resources for diversity and inclusion strategic planning. Submissions open until March 15th.

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LGBT Businesses Add $1.7 Trillion to US Economy

The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce released a report demonstrating the economic and social impact of LGBT entrepreneurs and business owners. Plexus is proud to be one of the 52 affiliates of NGLCC.

Snapshot | Full report

Vintage Video

Even a decade later, this nationally-recognized video still underscores many of the reasons to get involved in Plexus. Learn more about how the organization impacts our business community: many voices with one common cause